Earlier this year, I started working on a quilt to celebrate my grandson’s five years. I created each block to represent something in his life. The quilt was totally not planned ahead. I also tried out different techniques. I finished piecing it a few weeks ago, and my friend, Jeana Kubick, quilted it for me.


Now here is the problem. One of the blocks has two small photos of my grandson. I used a different photo fabric than I usually do. I assumed it would not run or fade, like the one I had previously used.
When I used this same Jacquard photo fabric to print a quilt label, I read the directions that stated the fabric may fade when washed. It recommended to spray Scotchguard to test. It was too late to test on the quilt block, so I tested it on another photo that I printed with this fabric. As I wiped with a napkin as suggested, just a bit of ink came off. So, I thought it would be okay to spray the photos that were sewn into the quilt. Wrong. The two small photos faded. Now, I am concerned that washing the quilt might further fade or even run onto the surrounding pieces.
Here is the question: What can I do to fix this?
Would making a small square to cover and applique onto the photo that is sewn in work?
Is it possible to rip out the two small squares and resew two non-photo squares?
Any recommendations are welcomed.

10 thoughts on “Question

  1. Hmm…I hope someone else has a more useful suggestion but the only thing I could think to do would be the first option: Make a small square to cover and appliqué onto the photo that is sewn in.

  2. Been there, only different details. You cannot reasonably remove the blocks, but can appliqué something over them. I would suggest a darkish print so the photos underneath won’t show through and any ink that might run from them in the wash would be less noticeable.

  3. Did you wash the test photos in warm water? If so, washing the quilt in cold water may prevent fading. Would Judah consider hanging his new cherished quilt on the wall instead of using it on his bed which would result in a lesser need to wash it? BTW, your 5-year story quilt looks beautiful!

    1. Thanks for your suggestions, Nancy. I did not read the instructions on this brand of photo fabric since I assumed they were all the same. Directions state that it is better for scrap booking and not items that may be washed. If washed, they suggest using Scotchguard. The Scotchguard made it run and fade. I asked if he might hang it, and the response suggested they preferred to have it on his bed. I’m taking it to Las Colchas on Thursday, since Francine said she could help me patch it.

  4. Another idea–you could thread sketch images of Judah that you could put on top of his photos. The stitching on the thread sketched squares would have a built-in quilted effect.

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