Positive Attitude

It is a rainy, Halloween night. A few children came to the door just before it started to rain. I thought I would have to eat all the candy myself. Then, right in between downpours, a group of five kids showed up. Two were pre-teens apparently in charge of three young children. They had large bags filled almost to the brim. They said they were cleaning up because they were the only ones out in the rain. One of the youngest kids said, “I’m not gonna let a little rain ruin my Halloween.”  I dumped the bag of candy into his bag. He was too cute, and I loved his attitude. There were adults waiting for them in a car, so I knew they were being careful.
I had lunch with my friend Jeanne today. Visits with her are always uplifting and fun. After a long lunch visit, I stopped by the Austin Sewing Machines and Quilting. It is conveniently located close to my son’s house. I bought some beautiful autumn fabric to make a set of reversible place mats. I also found a pattern for making fabric bowls that I will try to make tomorrow.

I had four charms and enough remnants from another project, to make some mug rugs.17E08ED5-63EA-4B17-A806-871F558F38154613DAC6-017F-4D53-A892-8DBAE2672425

Place Mat Front and Back




My plan is to make three sets of Thanksgiving place mats to give to my sons. Sandra, of Gray Barn Designs, posted  a pattern for a table topper that featured a cute turkey named Garret.  I adapted Sandra’s design to make place mats, and I  pieced the tops today. Thanks for the pattern, Sandra.



Sewing Buddies

I am house/pet sitting for one of my sons. It is turning out to be a great retreat. His two pets have become my sewing buddies. I find myself asking Marley if she likes what I made and she just wags her tail in affirmation. Richard Parker, on the other hand, gives me his cat stare as if to say: Why are you bothering me?…or…Old lady, do you realize that you are talking to a cat?



Pumpkins and Owls

Last Friday, we had a family pumpkin carving night. It really got me in the spirit of the season. Today, I lit a pumpkin scent candle that filled the room and really set the mood for me. I decided to make an owl tote bag for my granddaughter. She loves Minky fabric, so I used it for the owl belly.

9E98BF0E-4738-4D46-8288-76590582A6A2 2A98C88C-5860-4E71-A28E-B790F8F5613C.jpeg

When I went to the grocery store to buy pumpkin muffins, I found this cute book, Owl Diaries.

Now, it is time to eat those pumpkin muffins.

Super Mario Friday

The Super Mario fabric I ordered to make a tote for my grandson’s video game was delivered this afternoon. I was still trying to decide on how I would make the tote. Yesterday, my grandson asked if I could make a pouch with a zipper. I liked the idea, so I used some fat quarters I had to make a zippered pouch this morning.

I made a pattern to look like the overalls worn by Mario. The pocket in front is for the battery charger.

I decided to make a pillowcase with the Mario fabric.

We had a beautiful evening carving pumpkins.




When I bought my sewing machine at Austin Sewing and Quilting, I was told that I could have two lessons to learn my machine. I explored and learned a lot on my own, but today I went for my first lesson.

This may not be exciting to others, but I learned how to make a button hole today! The last time I made a buttonhole was in a home economics class in 1968…and it was disastrous. Now, these new machines just make it easy-peasy!

I believe in celebrating the little things, so I’m very happy about this buttonhole! Yay!


Quilted Pocket Notebook

I have been looking for DIY tutorials on making pouches for electronic gaming devices. There are a variety of pouches out there, but none that I think would work for a small device. My friend, Nancy sent me a pattern for a small tote that can be purchased from Indygo Juction, which is one possibility. Or, I may just get specific measurements when I get to my grandson’s house and make my own pattern. Today, I was trying out different ideas. As a result of this experimentation, I made a quilted notebook with pockets for my grandson. He can keep his word cards in this notebook.

Two Inside Pockets

Block # 43~ Friday, October 26

It was a whirlwind, emotional wedding weekend. I am taking a few days to put my feet up, sip on my coffee, and reflect on the blessings in my life. Then, I will be off to house and pet sit while the honeymooners are on their cruise. This will give me the opportunity to take my sewing lessons at the store from which I bought my sewing machine. I will also catch up with friends in the area. It will be my retreat.

Block #43~Friday, October 26
Pause to Reflect
Background: Fabric remnants from a bird quilt that has yet to be quilted.
Technique: Applique

Quilted Fabric Bowl

My plan for today was to wake up late, vote, and then rest. It was a busy weekend with the wedding and I wanted to just relax in my recliner. After voting, I got my lap top and returned to my recliner to read through my email and blogs that I follow. I ran across another great post from Tierney. She posted some information about art quilts made with upholstery fabric. She also posted a link to a blog by Dianne Browning . I was interested, since my brother often sends me great swatches of upholstery fabric. I have made a few things with this fabric, but nothing that really showcases the beauty of the fabric. Dianne Browning has some amazing work. I liked the quilted bowls that she has on her blog, and I started looking for tutorials on how to make quilted bowls. There was one tutorial in particular, that looked fairly easy. It was on Geta’s Quilting Studio.
The bowl in this tutorial is more functional than artistic, but I thought I would give it a try.
I used a fat quarter of some inspirational word fabric, along with some black and white polka dot fabric.
I did not download the pattern from the blog. Instead, I used my hexagon ruler for the center piece. Then I made the template for the side pieces.
I free motioned a simple heart on each section.
It is a bit soft and floppy since I did not have any stiff interfacing. I just used batting.
It is a reversible quilted bowl.
Thanks, Tierney.
You always inspire me to try something new.

*On a sad note, one of my granddaughter’s beautiful Rottweilers died today. He has been sick for some time and living on love.

Vandal taking a nap.
Beautiful dog.