My friend, Nancy, and I attended the Capital of Texas Quiltfest today. There were many inspirational quilts. I saw quite a few quilts with bright colors on black fabric. They were stunning.

One Batik quilt really caught my attention. It was titled, The Backyard. Valerie Willians made this for her parents. Each block has an animal that has been in her parents backyard. I felt like I was sitting in the backyard, enjoying the sights and sounds.


Another favorite of mine was a two-sided quilt based on Maurice Sendak’s book, Where the Wild Things Are. This book was always a classroom favorite. The quilt was by Kathe Williams.


After viewing, Rescued Scraps, by Sherri Lipman McCaukey, I will never throw away scraps.🙃


After the Quiltfest, I drove to spend the weekend with my granddaughter and daughter-in-law. While we were waiting outside for a table at a restaurant, the clouds turned very gray and stormy. We were entertained by a flock of birds in formation. It was quite a sight.


Its been a great weekend and it’s only Friday. Storms are predicted for the next two days, so we’ll just have to have indoor fun.

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