Three days ago, I accidentally went over a very thick corner when I was sewing. The needle broke.
I looked everywhere for the missing tip, but I could not find it. I even took out the bobbin, the plate, and still found nothing.
For the next few days, my new machine kept on sewing perfectly. I even took it to my sewing class and had no problems with it. When I attempted to sew again later that evening, I noticed the top of a pin sticking through the plastic next to the plate. When I turned on the sewing machine, the symbol for “problem” popped up. I cannot believe that my new sewing machine that I have had for only 19 days already has a problem…and it is my fault.
I took it to the shop today, and they assured me that it looked like it was a  minor problem and it could be fixed. They said it looks like the timing is off, and that it could have been caused by the tip of the needle jamming. They will look to see what, if any, other damage has been done. I was just about in tears, but the service person was very kind.
I will not have my new machine for two weeks, since the shop has a back log of repairs. They repair and maintain Janomes, Juki’s, Vikings, and Pfaff machines. The store was busy with people dropping off and picking up machines. My old Viking is struggling, since I have not been good about taking it for maintenance…it is four years old. I think I will take my Viking in for maintenance when my Juki is ready.
The store, Gromes, also sells fabric. So, I tried to cheer myself up by buying some pretty fabric.
That helped a bit.
Maybe a slice of apple pie will help me a bit more.

7 thoughts on “Bummer

  1. Oh no! I am so sorry. What a bummer. You barely got to introduce yourself to your new machine – you’re still on the just cordial stage. I hope they can get it fixed quicker than they said. ~smile~ Roseanne

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