Quilting Grandma

This Grandparent’s Day got me thinking about my grandmothers. Both my grandfather’s had died before I was born. I got to have eight years with my grandmothers. My maternal grandmother was Emma Almazan Martinez. My paternal grandmother was Manuela Ancira Virjan.
Both grandmothers were very strong women who had large families. My mother was the youngest of 10 children; my dad the youngest of 13.
Grandma Emma was stately and quiet. I remember being allowed in her parlor where she played records on her Victrola. I used to love our visits.
Mama Mela was loud and feisty. People were afraid of her, but I could make her laugh. She doted on me and laughed at my pranks. I once poured ketchup on my leg and started yelling for help. She was besides herself trying to help me when she saw me lick the ketchup. She laughed it off and thought I was so funny. She didn’t laugh when I ruined her perfect rice, though. She used to brag about her rice being perfect and she made the rice for dinner since she said mom didn’t make good rice. I had my older sister distract Mama Mela, as I poured uncooked rice into her “perfect” rice. The look on her face as she crunched on her perfect rice was priceless. I’ve never had poker face, so my mom knew I had something to do with the rice fiasco. Mom gave me a smile of approval.
This week, I attended a Grandparent’s Day lunch at my granddaughter’s school. Her teacher greeted me with “Hello, Quilting Grandma”. Apparently, she has heard all about my quilts and things I make for my granddaughter. The name, Quilting Grandma, reminds me of a porcelain figurine that belonged to my mom. It portrays and old grandmother with her grandson. I have it in the curio cabinet that I also inherited from my mother.

I have so many special memories of my grandmothers.
And I am having special times with my grandchildren.
Happy Grandparents Day!

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