Meemaw Tour

“There is nothing that can’t be done. If you can’t make something, it’s because you haven’t tried hard enough.”
Sakichi Toyoda

Today, my Meemaw friends and I took a field trip to the
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas  plant. Of course, we started out with a breakfast before we traveled, in a rainstorm, from the Northeast side of town to the very end of the the Southwest side of San Antonio. It was well worth it. The biography of Sakichi Toyoda is very interesting. His most famous invention was the automatic power loom. This loom implemented the principle or autonomous automation.
The plant has very strict rules and dress codes for visitors. Once inside, I could see why. The robots and machines are amazing. I am in awe of the people working these machines and factory lines. They have four, two hour shifts, with 10 minute breaks in-between. They change stations every two hours in order to avoid repetitive motion injuries. Workers have a mandatory time to spend in the on-site gym. They have a doctor and nurse on site, along with the cafeteria.  Every station is ergonomically designed to help the workers from over use injuries. Everything is so precise and measured to the second. Seeing the body of a Tundra moving above the chassis; and then landing right on top, fitting exactly onto the chassis, was quite amazing. The worker’s movements were as precise as the robots. They did not miss a beat.
I would be like Lucille Ball in the I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory episode. There is no way I could do this type of work, eight hours a day.
When I returned home, I read some more information about Sakichi Toyoda, and I found the above quote.  I posted this quote above my cutting table as a reminder.

Early this evening, started making a table runner and some place mats. My daughter-in-law to be had shown me this fabric she liked. I didn’t tell her that I bought the fabric later, planning to make her a set.
I tried out one of the stitches on my new machine to decorate and secure the fabric on the table runner. I finished the table runner, and assembled the place mats. I just need to fancy stitch the place mats.

Table Runner

Place Mats

6 thoughts on “Meemaw Tour

  1. Meemaws on tour – love it! How interesting to see cars manufacturing in person – I’ve only scene videos of it and always thought it was fascinating! Cute fabric for your runner!

  2. I love reading about Meemaw road trips! It’s nice to read they take care of their employees. I didn’t even know they had a USA plant. I have a Honda now, but my last two were Toyotas and I really miss my Echo 🚗 a little red Toyota
    I love retro fabric too. Glad you are enjoying all your new machine can do.

    1. One of my sons has a Toyota. It is always fun hanging out with the Meemaws. They were concerned about me behaving since I have trouble following rules and I was complaining about the rules for visitors.🙃😜

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