Rainy Sunday

For the past two days, we have been hit with  a lot of rain. This morning, the water rose high on my porch, and we had a rushing stream of water on our front street. It all went down by noon, leaving us with another day to piddle around inside. I am not complaining…we sorely needed the rain.
I made my journal block for this past Friday. I had to spend time straightening out the hexagon.

Corrected Version

I started prepping for making some table mats, but I got sidetracked into making another tissue pouch for my grandson. When I was with him last, it seems like we were always looking for tissues. A few years ago, I had made him a pouch. I called it a Moco Monster.

I can’t remember which one of these three was his. It is no longer around. So, I thought I would use the last of the Pokemon fabric and make an updated version. This pouch is called Mokomon.
I made a Pokemon trading card to go with the pouch.

I am looking at different tutorials for making a sewing machine cover. The other day, I found some cute fabric at Las Colchas that will make a cute cover. I hope to get started on this soon.

Tomorrow’s plans involve a tour of the Toyota Plant.
Don’t ask me why we are touring plant.
My Meemaw friend thought it would be a fun thing to do.
I am always in for fun, but I do wonder how this tour fits the description of fun.
Of course, we are starting or day meeting for breakfast.

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