Free Friday

Free Friday was a fun way I used to end the week with my first grade students. Students were able to choose from a variety of integrated curriculum activities that were based on what we had been learning all week. They worked in groups to create a technology product that included reading, writing, science, math, and social studies. I would spend 15 minutes explaining the activities and expectations, and then they were “free” to work on their own for the whole day. The last 30 minutes of the day were spent presenting their product to the class. Free Friday gave me the opportunity to work with individuals who needed reteaching or support. It gave the students a sense of independence and a chance to show what they know. It gave me a chance to evaluate and plan for the next week. Music was playing all day, and everyone was busy and happy.

Today was my Free Friday. I only made a few things, but I accomplished quite a bit. A good chunk of the morning was spent learning more about my sewing machine. I practiced different stitches and also how to get a perfect 1/4 inch seam on this machine.
Time was also spent planning and designing my next quilt. I am making a quilt for my future daughter-in-law. We discussed color and pattern ideas, and she ended up saying it is up to me…she would like anything.
The afternoon was spent at the Mesquite Bean. They have a great selection of fabric, and there is an associate there who is absolutely the best. Tracy was super helpful in guiding my selection of fabric. He would pull out all the bolts I wanted and then watch me as I narrowed down the 24 fabrics that I needed. After I would make a combination, I would ask his opinion. He has a great sense of color and fabric design.  We mostly agreed on the fabric, but he pointed out things that I did not see right off. We would discuss and make minor changes here and there. I totally enjoyed the afternoon selecting fabric with Tracy.

This is the origami fabric butterfly I made while practicing on my sewing machine.

Last night, my son sent me a video of my grandson reading.
Music to my ears!!!!!
Of course, he is getting a reading pouch with three new books.

Reading is Out-of-This-World!
I decided not to add a lace zipper to this pouch. It shuts just fine and it is easier to open and close.
Free Friday never fails to be a fun and productive day.
I hope you enjoyed your Friday.

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