Unicorn Groupie

After a summer of no rain, we finally had a night that resulted in nine inches of rain. The natural flood areas were affected, but the rain was so over due, we welcomed it. I enjoyed walking out in the rain. There was “a” leaf on my front sidewalk so I took a picture.

I sent this picture to my friend as “proof” of fall. She responded that it was a dead summer leaf and that I was an optimistic Unicorn Groupie. 

Since I was happily rained in, I went back to working on a story quilt I am making for my grandson. This quilt has blocks that tell different stories about his first five years. I started out with improvising blocks. I did not use rulers to cut. There was no real plan, and I just fit made the blocks fit. This is making the quilt a bit scrappy and unbalanced…so, I do not know how I feel about it. I am determined to finish it and make my final judgement as to whether I quilt it or not.
These are some blocks I made for one of the rows. The Pokemon block I made is a traditional block and not improvised like my first blocks. The thinner blocks are filler blocks that are made to make the blocks fit.

Traditional Block
He is a Pokemon fan.
Filler Strip Blocks

I drew the characters for applique, so they are a bit off.

Since I am a Unicorn Groupie, I will be optimistic about the end results of this quilt.
And, I do “feel” fall!

9 thoughts on “Unicorn Groupie

  1. Absolutely finish it and quilt it! Even if it doesn’t turn out as you originally envisioned, it will be a precious token of your love and understanding of this boy. He will treasure it.

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