New Machine

Wow! I have totally enjoyed my day so far. I spent the morning exploring and trying out new things with my new Juki sewing machine. My old Viking machine is a good machine. I have enjoyed using it; and I plan to keep it for making crafts.
The Juki is an upgrade for me.
I made a list of things I like about this machine so far:
1.  speed control – I tend to be heavy-footed when I sew, and this has lead to many mistakes. This speed feature is perfect for me.
2. Ease and precision of loading the bobbin.
3. Ease of automatic threading
4. Presser foot auto lift (It also has a presser foot lifting lever that I do not need to use because of the auto lift button.)
5. Decorative stitches (So far, I have only used the letter writing stitch and I love it!)
6. FMQ and thread sketching are so much smoother on this machine.

I still have so much to learn and so many features to explore. I will need to take another trip to Round Rock to take the free lessons. My son said to drop by anytime. He might regret that open invitation.

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