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Four years ago, I purchased a Viking Husqvarna Emerald sewing machine to start my quilting journey. This machine has served me well, but I have been looking into buying another sewing machine. I know the type of sewing machine one uses is a personal decision, based on different factors.
My friend just purchased a Bernina 350. It works like a dream. Since this model is being replaced by another model, there are hardly any of this model to be found in my area.
Today, I ran across a quilting shop near my son’s house in Round Rock…how convenient!!!!! I purchased some fabric, and then my attention went to their selection of sewing machines. They sell different models of Viking, Brother, and Juki. Debbie Wieber works in education and sales. We had spent a lot of time talking about a quilt I am planning. I mentioned that I was looking for a new sewing machine, and she introduced me to the Juki DX-1500QVP and the DX-2000QVP. She gave me a mini-lesson on how to use the models and I was so impressed with the ease and smoothness or these machines. There are more stitches available on these machines than I have on my Viking. I do not want one with lots of computerized bells and whistles, and these Juki  models fit the bill. Also, the price on each is reasonable. Both models come with an extension table (which I do not presently have); walking foot, FMQ foot, and the basic sewing tools.
I have been researching reviews on the Juki, and the results are positive. Many of the reviews mention that the Juki is great for FMQ, which is an area in which I want to improve.
I was just wondering if any of  you have had experience with the Juki or know of anyone who recommends the Juki.

23 thoughts on “Sewing Machines

  1. I have an Elna and have never used a Juki. I’m about 90-95% happy with my machine. I did have a Brother a few years ago and did not like it at all, for a variety of reasons. I’m not very helpful, but I’d recommend you try a bunch of machines before making your decision. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for your input. I needed to walk out of the store and think before I invest in another machine. I am trying to justify getting another machine when the one I have works fine. But then again, why shouldn’t I get another one? 🙂 I really like the fact that it runs so much smoother than the one I have, and it has more stitches that I know I will use. The salesperson also told me that maybe I should just bring in my Viking for a good cleaning and maintenance…another possibility.

      1. See if they take trade-ins, too. 🙂 Mine would be an A+ if I could keep the tension a little better. It’s just off sometimes and I haven’t figured out why.

  2. How exciting to be looking for a new machine 😊 It has to be a hard decision to make.
    For budget reasons I purchased an inexpensive Brother (after my beloved White was too costly to repair) but if I could get my dream machine I know it would be a Juki.
    PS Having an extension table really is a huge plus on any machine in my opinion.

    1. Thanks, Abbie. I appreciate your input. The store is having a sale and the price is lower than other places I checked. I have another day to think about this. I really do want the extension plus other goodies.

      1. I bought it!🙃 It was on sale, plus I got another $100 off since I it was a floor model. I’m still at my son’s and won’t be able to start playing with it until I get home. I got one set up lesson but there is so much to learn. I’m so excited!

  3. I love my Bernina 350 but Bernina is SO expensive that my next one probably will be a different brand. I think Leah Day uses Juki—you might check her site.

  4. Hi Chela! I love the Juki brand. Unfortunately, I do not own one because the closest dealer is too far away. I would definitely have one if that were different! Instead I have an Elna which is a sister to the Janome. I love it, too. I would suggest to really consider a wide throat – distance from the needle to the machine for ease of having room to stitch on larger sized quilts. That and a flat table or insert has completely changed my sewing/quilting life. I have some articles on my blog if you want to see my setup. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. I started with a Viking too! Actually my first sewing machine was an old Singer machine and I thought I had really made the big time when I got my new Viking Huskavana! In the mid 2000s I moved to a Bernina QE 440 and never looked back as I am in the cult of Bernina (I had a fantasy of going to Switzerland to see the factory in which they are made). I’ve heard good things about Jukis but I’ve never tried one. I think you just need to test out a variety of machines and see what feels best for you!

      1. Yay! Congratulations – now you will be a Jukiphile like I am a Berninaphile – ha! But we have to agree never to get tattoos with our sewing machine brands, that would be going to far 😉

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