Shopping Day

Today was set aside for BTS and grocery shopping. My granddaughter and I made a menu and a grocery list to plan for the rest of our time together. Tonight will be Mac N’ Cheese Movie Night.
It was so much fun going BTS clothes shopping with her. She picked out some cute dresses. She chose a long sleeve dress with a hoodie in order to be ready for when it gets cool.
I am looking for tutorials on how to make decorated head bands. We bought one that has a pretty bow, and it looks like it would be simple to make. I am thinking of the unfinished projects I have waiting for me at home, and I am wondering why I am adding more!



We went to the B&B Quilt Shop , which is conveniently across the street from the library. I let her choose some fat quarters. We will be making some book bags and bookmarks that Michelle posted on her Creative Blonde Blog. I also found a quilting magazine for my reading pleasure.
I love how my granddaughter appreciates beautiful fabric!


There is a new library in town, so we went to check it out.

We are now settled in for some reading, before supper and the movie. She chose to read rather than swim. I can understand why, since the temperature is 104. The pool is too hot to enjoy. 🌞
Tomorrow will be another scorcher of a day, so we probably will just make it a craft day.


3 thoughts on “Shopping Day

  1. Sounds like a fun day! I bought the same owl fabric (the one with a light background) this year from a shop here in the UK. I used it to back a baby quilt. I like the way fabrics cross the ‘pond’ and can be recognised half a world away!

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