A New Day

Each day spent with my granddaughter is a new adventure. We are in the midst of planning today’s activities. I just had to share these photos of my son’s Rottweilers. They are two of the sweetest, furry friends ever. At night,they post themselves at our bedroom doors. I appreciate the protection, but the snoring is a bit loud.😜

They are keeping me company as I write this post.


I also wanted to post a photo of a mermaid blanket that my daughter-in-law made for my granddaughter. Aunt Shenika is an artistic and talented seamstress and crafter. You know, I have three, pretty awesome, daughter-in-laws!

My granddaughter says this mermaid blanket is super comfy.

We are ready to start our new day with a bit of BTS clothes shopping, followed by a trip to the library. Then, who knows what we’ll do next!

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