A New Day

Each day spent with my granddaughter is a new adventure. We are in the midst of planning today’s activities. I just had to share these photos of my son’s Rottweilers. They are two of the sweetest, furry friends ever. At night,they post themselves at our bedroom doors. I appreciate the protection, but the snoring is a bit loud.😜

They are keeping me company as I write this post.


I also wanted to post a photo of a mermaid blanket that my daughter-in-law made for my granddaughter. Aunt Shenika is an artistic and talented seamstress and crafter. You know, I have three, pretty awesome, daughter-in-laws!

My granddaughter says this mermaid blanket is super comfy.

We are ready to start our new day with a bit of BTS clothes shopping, followed by a trip to the library. Then, who knows what we’ll do next!

8 thoughts on “A New Day

  1. Wow… Rottweiler is amongst the best guard dogs in the world, its loyalty knows no bounds and it has immense amount of courage. This breed will guard your home and your belongings ferociously ensuring that no harm comes to its loved one under its rule.

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