Devine St. Duo

My childhood home was on Devine Street, which is an area now known in San Antonio as South Town.
There were about 24 kids on the street. We called ourselves the Devine St. Gang.
On any given summer day, you would find us all outside, from morning until night.

Sharon lived across the street from me.
We spent our time riding bikes, playing dress-up, and getting into mischief with the rest of the gang.
We would each carry two baby dolls, pretending that we had twins.
It just so happens that both of us gave birth to twin sons.

I always loved her free spirit and sense of adventure.
She would drive up to Austin to visit me when I was at the University of Texas.
When I came into town, we would drive around in her yellow mustang and go dancing at St. Hedwig’s Dance Hall.
I was the Maid of Honor when she married her high school sweetheart.

Sharon is in town for the weekend.
I found this picture of us that was taken back in May of 1957.
We were sitting on a table in my backyard.
I printed the photo on fabric and made a small quilt wall hanging.
I am looking forward to seeing her tomorrow.

16 thoughts on “Devine St. Duo

  1. Aww, this is so sweet! I’m sure Sharon will treasure your thoughtfulness, and you’ll both have a fun day laughing and chatting. {{Hugs}} Enjoy! Happy Friday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. What a great memory and a sweet wallhanging! I have done the same thing – printed photo onto fabric and made it into a little wallhanging – it is such a great gift for a special person!

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