Prayer Flags

A few years ago, I got interested in making prayer flags. My friends and I got together to make some seasonal outdoor prayer flags. I made some flags with my granddaughter. These are the two my mom and I made. She had them hanging on her front door. They now hang on the doorway to my studio.

I have some regular-sized prayer flags hanging on the window in my studio.

Yesterday, I spent some time looking for ideas on Pinterest. I found some adorable mini-prayer flags and broaches.  I find it relaxing to keep my hands busy when I am watching TV. I placed the bin of scraps next to my chair, and made four little flags while watching a great mystery series. I used a ribbon to start stringing the flags across one of the shelves on my office desk.

6 thoughts on “Prayer Flags

    1. I make these flags with the intention of making a meaningful piece of art. Each piece represents a dream, inspiration, prayer, or message. I add animals like the owl, to represent wisdom; the bird, representing hope; the snail, representing persistence. I also just pray as I make these pieces. Some flags I have made for my family. They represent my hope and prayers for them. When I made the flags with mom, it was towards the end of her life. We made two flags to represent our family and our prayer for peace and love.

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