Place Mat Tote

On my visit to the Round Rock Library, I spent some time looking in their craft, quilt, and sewing section. I found a book by Jodi Kahn, Simply Sublime Bags. There are instructions for making 30 different and simple purses, totes, and bags out of pillowcases, table mats, pillow covers and more. When I returned to San Antonio, I ordered the book from my library. While waiting for it to arrive, I also looked on Pinterest to find other ideas for using table mats.
The teacher in me will always be a bag lady. I used to arrive at school each morning, hauling school stuff in numerous bags. I have plenty of bags and totes, but I wanted to have a large, soft, and flexible tote to carry crafting things when I go meet the Meemaws for Crafting Day. I bought two sets of two large table mats. They were larger than the dimensions specified in Kahn’s book. I also wanted to add some pockets to my tote. I used all four of the place mats to make this tote, with a only a small piece left over. This piece would be good to make a small drawstring bag.

This bag is large enough to carry my rulers and travel cutting/ iron mat.

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