Sunday in Round Rock

After feeding Marley and Richard Parker, my furry grandpets, I went shopping at the Antique Mall. I passed on buying these Beatle dolls…they were cute in a bizarre sort of way. But wait, are Beatles antique? If they are, does this make me an antique?20180729_175944763_iOS

I did buy some old kerchiefs. They might be good to use in a quilt one day.

My next stop was Main Street. Even though it was a bit hot, I enjoyed walking downtown.

The best stop I made in downtown Round Rock was the library. It is open on a Sunday, and it is a very busy.

There was a group of kids playing chess, a summer reading book club, and a children’s story time. Then I found a sewing group meeting in one of the rooms. One young woman was making clothes for her toddler. Another woman was with her mom. She was making a lap quilt for her mom to use in her wheelchair. I spent some time with a woman who was piecing a quilt. We shared tips and ideas.

It was a very enjoyable Sunday in Round Rock.

9 thoughts on “Sunday in Round Rock

    1. I believe quilters are the friendliest people around! I was able to connect with some creative people at the quilt shops and the library. I walk with a hand water spritzer fan, sun hat, and water bottle!

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