Bell Bottoms and Armadillos

My day in a nutshell.
House Sitting
I am house/pet sitting for one of my sons.
My daughter-in-law left me prepared meals, scones, and a homemade key lime pie and some of her special recipe whipped cream. My son left me a bottle of wine.
I know I will return home weighing a bit more.
Bell Bottoms
Today, I met with a friend whom I have not seen since 1976. We worked together in Georgetown, Texas, teaching migrant pre-k children. When we met for lunch today, it was as if we had not missed a day in these past 42 years. The first thing she shared was remembering me having a small waistline and wearing bell bottoms! Well, bell bottoms are out of style and my waistline is long gone. We had a great time catching up with all that is new, and reminiscing about our fun past. After lunch, she took me to a place where she volunteers, Caring Place. This center provides services and assistance to people in need throughout Williamson County. They sponsor a shop that has collectibles, antiques, unique pieces, and items that are donated. I have never seen shop of this kind that is so organized. I found some quilting books for the bargain price of $1! There was a very cute small patched pillow. I also found some fabric scraps that I couldn’t pass up.
Fabric Shopping
After my special time with my friend, I decided to drop in at the Poppy Quilt’N Sew. I purchased some blue Moda grudge fabric for myself. The store had quite a selection of Halloween fabric. One of my daughter-in-laws loves Halloween, so I purchased a yard of two different fabrics to mail to her. I sent her photos and she chose the chevron and the one with writing.20180727_201512366_iOS.jpg
My day ended with a touch of excitement. As I took my son’s dog outside for her last pit stop, we encountered an armadillo. The elderly dog began to relive her glory days and she turned into a hunter. In her youth, my son saved a possum from becoming prey to this crazy dog.  She was going wild as she cornered a very scared armadillo. Then, the armadillo darted into the neighbor’s yard, where upon the neighbor’s dog chased the armadillo back under the fence to our side. This back and forth continued, as I was trying to protect the dog and the armadillo from each other. Finally, the armadillo slipped to the yard behind us.
The cat, the dog, and I are all tucked safely inside.
I’m ready to put my feet up.

2 thoughts on “Bell Bottoms and Armadillos

  1. I guess they did not want you to starve while you were house sitting! How fun to catch up with an old friend – aren’t bell bottoms back in style now? Everything goes in and out of style! Armadillos – I remember those from when we lived in Texas!

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