Pokemon Gramma

About three years ago, I was with my son as he was house hunting. I tagged along to help with my grandson, who was two at the time. I knew we had found the house they would call home, when my grandson started dancing in the large, empty front room.
This room has since become the Rumpus room, full of fun and family.
It made me smile to see the quilts and fleece blankets I made being used in this room.
On my visit last week, my grandson introduced me to Pokemon Go. He enjoys the scavenger activity of finding these characters as he walks around parks with his dad. I tried my best to keep up with him, but this is a bit beyond me.
For his August pillow cases, I ordered some Pokemon fabric from eQuilter. I found one fabric with a lot of the characters, so I made an 18 inch pillow cover. He can add this pillow to the Rumpus room. I made some mug rugs with the remaining scraps.

 Big and Small Pillowcases

Pokemon Go Pillow with the cast of many characters.

Mug Rugs

Like I said, this game is beyond me. So, I thought these products would at least help me look like a Pokemon Gramma.

Next on the agenda:
1. My friend is looking for Christmas fabric, so we are taking a trip to Valli and Kim’s in Dripping Springs.
I have given myself a budget.
2. I need to prepare for a craft day with my granddaughter and daughter-in-law.
3. I have a pattern for making a unicorn pillow cover for my granddaughter. I need to purchase some fabric.

11 thoughts on “Pokemon Gramma

  1. Those pillow cases are just fabulous, and I know your grandson will enjoy them and the thoughtfulness and care you took to make them. I’ve not played that game – it’s probably beyond me as well, but I get the concept anyway! Have fun shopping and finding some unicorn fabrics! Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

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