Young Artist

I have spent some special days with my grandson. Our days were filled with scavenger hunts, play time, conversation, and creating.  My grandson loves to create things using wood, cardboard, twigs… anything in his environment that catches his interest.

Today, we took a neighborhood walk with my iPad. He took pictures of things he thought his dad would like. Then, I showed him how to use Movie Maker. He made the movie with very little help from me.
He was very proud of his work. And I am super proud of him.

One of the activities I had planned for him was printing with the Gelli- art plates. I had become frustrated with my own attempt to use Gelli-art plates. I didn’t know if my 4 year old grandson would like to print, but I decided to give it a go. I am SO glad I did. I learned so much from watching him. He enjoyed the process of adding texture with different items. I realized that I was doing too much second guessing and hesitating when I was printing. My grandson just did it, and had fun! I will follow his lead and do some printing of my own.😊

I made this video of the young artist at work.

It was hard to say goodbye today.
I will see him soon, when we gather to celebrate my granddaughter’s birthday.


10 thoughts on “Young Artist

  1. What a wonderful video and I hope he keeps exploring his creativity as he develops into a young man. I am impressed you helped him work with Gell-art plates – so cool!

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