Block #31~ Friday, August 3

The block entry for this week is all about the two precious pets that kept me company for four days.
Marley is the sweetest dog. She is about 14 years old and I think she is still living because of the love she receives from my son and his family. We had a bit of an incident one day. I took her out for a bit, and she spotted an armadillo in the yard. Luckily, she is not as fast as she used to be. Still, I had to do some intervention to protect the dog and the armadillo from each other.

I am not a cat person, but I dearly love Richard Parker. This young cat loves to play. He is also very inquisitive. I would find him in my tote bag, my purse, and my computer. He would curl up with me when I slept. He also would knock his treat jar over to let me know it was time for a snack.

Block #31- Friday, August 3
Beige and white fabric; darker beige backing
Technique: Applique, thread sketching, fabric coloring
Embellishments: Buttons

Block # 30~ Friday, July 27

We celebrated my granddaughter’s 7th birthday this month.
She is so proud of being 7.
And we are so proud of her.
My granddaughter loves owls, so this was the theme of her party.
She chose all of the decorations and party favors; and was a gracious host at her party.
When it came time for gifts, she thoroughly enjoyed reading each card out loud.
Without parental prompting, she thanked each person for the card.
Followed by a thank you for the gift.
The thank you included a detailed appreciation for the gift.
It is only fitting, that the block for this week be an owl.

Block #30~Friday, July 27
Happy Birthday

Background: White fabric; sunflower print fabric for the backing
Technique: Thread sketch, fabric crayon, FMQ
(I tried FMQ-ing sunflowers.)

Block #29 Friday, July 20

Spending time with my grandson is something I love to do. We recently spent time together, and it was non-stop fun and action. Scavenger hunts, conversations, reading, drawing, playing games…so many special moments.
He is one Incredible Kid.
So I wrote this fun poem and made a block to capture these special days with an incredible boy.

There is an Incredible Kid I know.
I am his Gramma.
He is my Super Hero!

Judah has all the great qualities to be had.
He happens to be just like his dad!

Block #29 Friday, July 20
Background: White on white star print fabric; red and white star print fabric for the background
Technique: Drawing, applique, fabric colors

Back in My Studio

The morning drive home from Round Rock was very pleasant. It has been a very busy and fun four days for me, as I pet/house sat for my son. I miss my furry buddies who followed me everywhere.
Marley (Geriatric Sweetheart)                         Richard Parker (Sweet Phat Cat)

After unpacking, I couldn’t wait to get back to my studio. I am behind in making my hexagon blocks for my quilt journal. I had the two blocks already drawn in my design book, but I just haven’t had the time to work on them. This week’s journal block will definitely have something to do with Marley and Richard Parker…or maybe the armadillo incident.

I made one block, about the time I spent with my grandson. I had written a poem and drawn a picture for my paper journal. I just redrew my superhero, and made an applique for the block. All I need to do is sew the binding.

The second block is about my granddaughter’s birthday celebration. I drew and colored an owl, since she loves owls. She chose all of the owl birthday decorations and party favors herself.

I will thread sketch and assemble this block tomorrow.

I also made another Pokemon pillow for a very special boy in the family.

While I was away from my studio, I was busy getting new ideas for projects that I want to try.
I hope to get to one of these ideas this week.

Sunday in Round Rock

After feeding Marley and Richard Parker, my furry grandpets, I went shopping at the Antique Mall. I passed on buying these Beatle dolls…they were cute in a bizarre sort of way. But wait, are Beatles antique? If they are, does this make me an antique?20180729_175944763_iOS

I did buy some old kerchiefs. They might be good to use in a quilt one day.

My next stop was Main Street. Even though it was a bit hot, I enjoyed walking downtown.

The best stop I made in downtown Round Rock was the library. It is open on a Sunday, and it is a very busy.

There was a group of kids playing chess, a summer reading book club, and a children’s story time. Then I found a sewing group meeting in one of the rooms. One young woman was making clothes for her toddler. Another woman was with her mom. She was making a lap quilt for her mom to use in her wheelchair. I spent some time with a woman who was piecing a quilt. We shared tips and ideas.

It was a very enjoyable Sunday in Round Rock.

Bell Bottoms and Armadillos

My day in a nutshell.
House Sitting
I am house/pet sitting for one of my sons.
My daughter-in-law left me prepared meals, scones, and a homemade key lime pie and some of her special recipe whipped cream. My son left me a bottle of wine.
I know I will return home weighing a bit more.
Bell Bottoms
Today, I met with a friend whom I have not seen since 1976. We worked together in Georgetown, Texas, teaching migrant pre-k children. When we met for lunch today, it was as if we had not missed a day in these past 42 years. The first thing she shared was remembering me having a small waistline and wearing bell bottoms! Well, bell bottoms are out of style and my waistline is long gone. We had a great time catching up with all that is new, and reminiscing about our fun past. After lunch, she took me to a place where she volunteers, Caring Place. This center provides services and assistance to people in need throughout Williamson County. They sponsor a shop that has collectibles, antiques, unique pieces, and items that are donated. I have never seen shop of this kind that is so organized. I found some quilting books for the bargain price of $1! There was a very cute small patched pillow. I also found some fabric scraps that I couldn’t pass up.
Fabric Shopping
After my special time with my friend, I decided to drop in at the Poppy Quilt’N Sew. I purchased some blue Moda grudge fabric for myself. The store had quite a selection of Halloween fabric. One of my daughter-in-laws loves Halloween, so I purchased a yard of two different fabrics to mail to her. I sent her photos and she chose the chevron and the one with writing.20180727_201512366_iOS.jpg
My day ended with a touch of excitement. As I took my son’s dog outside for her last pit stop, we encountered an armadillo. The elderly dog began to relive her glory days and she turned into a hunter. In her youth, my son saved a possum from becoming prey to this crazy dog.  She was going wild as she cornered a very scared armadillo. Then, the armadillo darted into the neighbor’s yard, where upon the neighbor’s dog chased the armadillo back under the fence to our side. This back and forth continued, as I was trying to protect the dog and the armadillo from each other. Finally, the armadillo slipped to the yard behind us.
The cat, the dog, and I are all tucked safely inside.
I’m ready to put my feet up.

What a Day!

My day started off with a nice breakfast outing with my husband. At about 9:45, I got on IH35 for the 89 mile trip to Round Rock, Texas. It was 1:00 by the time I got through Austin! Apparently, I chose the day there was major construction going on and three lanes of traffic were forced off the highway by Slaughter Lane, which is in south of Austin. Then, it took another 50  minutes to get through Austin to Round Rock. Needless to say,  I needed something to cool me down once I arrived. Now, my furry buddies and I are resting in the Rumpus Room.


One year ago today, I was floating the lagoon in Tulum, Mexico, with my son and his family.
My son, carrying my granddaughter, to the boat that took us to the lagoon.

I loved watching this fearless girl enjoying the moment.

Great time!
I will try to remember how cool the water felt, as I go grocery shopping in this heat!

Hot Day

It is 5:30 PM and it is HOT! 101 in the shade…and no relief in sight. I stayed inside as much as possible today.
It was a good day for working in my studio. I had the AC and fans blowing.

I plan to meet up with a friend this Friday. I have not seen her since 1976, when we worked together in Georgetown,Texas. I made these house mug rugs for her, using the flying geese block.

My Meemaw friends liked these and now they want to make some on a craft day. When we do make these, I plan to use the no-waste technique that I learned from reading Melanie’s blog at Catbird Quilt Studio. I tried it out and made four house mug rugs like this one:

It was so much more efficient to use this method. This method yields four of the same fabric flying geese. I plan to make three more house mug rugs. Then I will be able to mix and match and make a set of different houses.

Today, I made a different type of house mug rug. I drew a pattern for a house, then cut out a door and windows. This is a good project to use up my larger stash pieces.

When I was out shopping yesterday, I ran across some duck fabric that I thought my daughter-in-law would like. I took pictures of the fabric and asked if she would like some pillows. She said yes, so I made these this afternoon.

I will be closing up my studio for a few days, since I will be pet sitting at my son’s house.
I was debating as to whether I should leave my sewing machine at home or take it with me. The decision is to leave it at home. I I have some reading and visiting that will take up my time.
And, I think I might visit my sister and jump in her pool!

More Pillows

Originally, I had ordered Mario and game fabric from Spoonflower for a project that my son and daughter-in-law were planning.The print on the fabric was too large for this project, so I asked my daughter-in-law if she wanted me to make pillows for the Rumpus Room instead. She liked the idea, so I made these today. I am not at all happy with the quilting on the gray pillow. I started quilting, without a plan…and it looks off. But, they like it anyway.