Pause for Pillowcases

Today, I hit pause on arranging the fat quarter quilt blocks. A new month will be here soon, so I stopped working on the quilt so I could make the pillowcases for my two youngest grandchildren.
July is big birthday month for my family.
All three of my sons and my granddaughter have a birthday this month. My one and only niece has a birthday this month.
I tried a new pattern that was given to me by my friend and owner of Las Colchas.
She had run out of the birthday fabric, so I had to go to JoAnn’s.
I didn’t particularly care for the black and multi-colored birthday fabric, but it was the only birthday fabric available.
The pattern calls for gathering and this is a first for me. I tried gathering to make the ruffle three times. Each time the thread would break on me.  Then I looked up some tutorials on gathering fabric. I should have done this first!
There were so many tutorials, each with a bit of difference in instructions. I chose to follow the instructions given by Leslie , The Seasoned Homemaker. She connects the two parallel lines at one end. This made a big difference. No thread breakage!

The photo does not show how the ruffle poofs up.

This month’s fabric theme for my grandson is Paw Patrol. These were made using the burrito pillowcase technique.

Now, it is time to pause for a Popsicle!

12 thoughts on “Pause for Pillowcases

  1. I love handmade pillow cases and I have a couple I’ve made that I rotate on the beds in my house. I’ve even bought a handmade pillowcase from a thrift shop as I appreciated the work that went into it. I think they make great gifts too – nice work on your pillowcases and good luck with July birthday month!

  2. Ooooh how wonderful! Kudos to you for trying something new. I think it’s fun to make ruffles. Such a great addition to the pillow case. I’ve made pillow cases for my grandchildren too. I’m camping with them now and was so thrilled to see the pillowcases I made them on their pillows. They also brought the quilts I made for them. 😊😊😊

  3. Fun pillowcases Chela! I do like the black birthday print with the cupcakes!.
    All three sons in July! I’m a Cancerian too. My mother says it is the worst to be in your last month in July heat, you can surely agree! 🎂☀️

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