Cooling Off with a Popsicle

I spent the afternoon trying to assemble the blocks in my quilt. This part of the process began as fun, and ended up with me retreating to my chair to unfrazzle.
This is the first result of many rearrangements.

It seemed off to me, so I asked my sister to make a black and white for me. I don’t know how to do this with my camera or computer.

I could see the dark clustering on the left side, so I started rearranging again. Flipping the blocks around was driving me crazy, so I stopped to make some birds. I wanted to see if the appliques would fit well onto the blocks.

I returned to rearranging blocks. After many more changes, I came up with this arrangement.

This is not the best photo since it cuts off the top and bottom.
At this point, I decided to give it a rest and enjoy a Popsicle. 
I’ll start again tomorrow.

The name for this quilt that has come to mind so far, is Pájaritos en el Parque. ( Little Birds in the Park ).

6 thoughts on “Cooling Off with a Popsicle

  1. Yes, very good idea – sometimes when we are stuck we need to just walk away for a while. That was smart to look at the values in the B&W photo – done like a try designer!

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