Block #25~June 22

It was difficult to find something fun and positive to document in my quilt journal this week.
The images of children being abused and the inhumane treatment of families has taken a toll on the hope that I have for our country. The many phone calls and emails I made did not do much to ease the feeling of hopelessness and the feeling of uselessness in not being able to help.
I decided to make this week’s block a prayer for America.
I am not being political.
Just praying.
Trying to be hopeful.

Stand up.
Have a heart.
May we show compassion to each other 
and to those who are less fortunate.
May we accept each other’s differences.
May we respect each other.
May we stand on moral ground once again.
Stand up.
Have a heart.

Block #25 Friday, June 22
Have a Heart

Background: white cotton. I found a bag of patriotic fabric that was not included in my stash clearance this past week. I used a blue with red star print for the backing.
Technique: applique, FMQ

8 thoughts on “Block #25~June 22

  1. My son could not bear to be separated from me when he was small. My heart breaks as I remember his pain compounded by the trauma and terror that these children must be facing. Can start a group to make quilts and donate them to these little ones?

  2. Hi Chela! I’m enjoying catching up on your blog after time away on vacation.
    This post really moved me. Your heart hexie and poem are beautiful.
    I can hardly bare what is happening and feel so helpless too. What you are doing helps, even if it doesn’t feel like it, you are spreading the message that people care. Thank you.

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