Yesterday was a Pitch and Ditch day.
What started out as a reorganization of my stash bins, ended up being a fabric give away. I called a local thrift shop, and was told they accept fabric. Usually, when I reorganize, I look at each stash bin and sort by “keep or pitch”. This time, I just emptied bins into bags without looking. The thrift store got some good fabric pieces. Some bins had small pieces, while others had good sized remnants. Some of the fabric was quilt shop quality and some were Jo Ann’s fabric. I even emptied my bin that I had prepared for stitch meditations.
This morning, I went to assess what I had done…yikes!

All of my bins look like the bin on the left. I only have one bin with autumn fabric.
What was I thinking?
Oh well, it helps to know that my fabric give away will benefit some other person (s).
It was time to get rid of this stash. I was tired of using the same prints and colors in different projects. Someone else can appreciate this fabric.
Before I purchase any more fabric, I think I will spend some time reading some of my quilt books and studying tutorials. I also still have to make the baskets for my brother. He sent me the great fabric that he wants me to use for the baskets.
Give me a call if you want to reorganize your stash bins!

8 thoughts on “uh-oh

  1. Oh my goodness! My stash has been building at an uncomfortable rate for me, but in no way am I ready to cull it that dramatically! What I’d really like to do is get past a few projects and then spend a month doing 2-a-week style donation quilts. While that will only make a small dent, it would be a good use of fabric and time. And then I could go back to making the more complicated stuff I enjoy so much. 🙂

  2. Wow you just got rid. cold turkey! I have to admit I have a similar problem, too much stuff. I’ve been trying to use it up slowly but you’re right sometimes you just need a change. Maybe I should use you as inspiration and put in into a bag and send it to charity or maybe I’ll hang onto it a little longer 😁

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