Free motion quilting is still an area in which I am trying to improve. I have prepared some quilt sandwiches for practice, and I am also FMQ-ing some small projects. I continue to study different online tutorials. On a few of these tutorials, a free motion quilt slider was recommended. I do not think that this is something that is worth my purchasing, since I do not see myself ever quilting a big quilt on my own any time soon.
However, I was wondering if this product really works. Do any of you find it useful or as a must-have?
Thanks for your input.

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  1. My suggestion for getting better at FMQ is practice like you are going to do. I highly recommend Aurifil thread. It is thin and it is the only thread I will use to FMQ. While it seems a bit expensive, there is a lot of thread on the spool. I once pieced (with a lot of piecing)and quilted a 130″ x 130″ quilt and I only used 1 spool.
    For FMQ, they say fast feet, slow hands. Move your pedal quickly while you move the sandwich slowly. This is what one needs to practice.
    I don’t know what a spacer is. So i won’t comment on that.
    All the Best

      1. I almost gave up on FMQ. I practiced using what I call the fabric layering technique. It was created by Laura Fogg.I learned it from Meri Vahl.
        The quilting doesnt show and it gave me guilt free practice. Basically, you put the backing down on a table,cover with batting,create a picture or scene and cover it with tulle. Pin it down and FMQ.

  2. Not sure what you mean by a slider. I used to have a sheet of something smooth that self-adheredto the machine and was supposed to make the quiilt slide more easily. Not muchhelp and didn’t stay put very well. Try polishing the machine’s flat surface with Pledge.

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