I was born on my mother’s birthday, June 5th.
We made it a point to be together every birthday.
This is a picture of her 92 birthday, the last one we celebrated together.

Instead of just celebrating being 68 today, I am also celebrating the Groovy year, 1968.
As I made this stitch meditation for mom and me, I listened to all the Golden Oldies of 1968.
The Beatles’ White Album is playing at this moment.
I also made the hexagon block for my fabric journal.
1968 was a tumultuous year for our country, but there was a movement for Love and Peace.

I will continue to celebrate mom’s and my day; and my groovy year, 1968…with music, memories, and CAKE!

11 thoughts on “Groovy!

  1. Happy Happy Birthday a day late! {{Hugs}} How fabulous to share your birthday with your mom for 67 years! That is so cool and special. I’m sure it is difficult this year, so {{hugs}} a bunch for you and your peeps. We have always said groovy – I recall it from Batman or really Little Louie saying groovy. ~smile~ Roseanne

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