Fall Into a QAL~Block #2

Today was a running around type of day. It is extremely hot and uncomfortable. When I returned home, I thought it might cool me off if I started on the Harvest Basket block by April Adams. I had a lot of fun making this block. For the first two blocks, I have been able to use fabric from my autumn stash. For the second block, the only new fabric I used was the grunge fabric that I purchased last week. Thanks to the great directions on the pattern, and extra tips from Abbie and Sherry, I was able to complete this block without any problems.

Oh, by the way…it is still hot! I have the AC running, but I needed to have a box fan in my sewing studio.
It is only June 1.
I don’t even want to think of August.

9 thoughts on “Fall Into a QAL~Block #2

  1. Hi again,
    I understand the A/C plus box fan! I have moved my iron out of my sewing room for the summer. It sits at the foot of my bed with a ceiling fan directly over it. I rarely iron and then hop right into bed (!!) so it cools off nicely, and I tuck all the cords out of the way on top of the ironing board so I don’t trip on them during the night. It works and keeps the heat out of my sewing room. Really cute second block! Love it! Happy Saturday! ~smile~ Roseanne

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