Another Project…Yay!

Every project has challenges, and every project has its rewards.
Stephen Schwartz

After days of not being able to work in my studio, I am now back to working on different projects.
My friend had given me a copy of Modern Blocks, a book of designer blocks compiled by Susanne Woods. She found it at Half Price Books for a good price.

Our plan is to make these blocks together, when we meet for craft day. Since I am still not going out just yet, we are working on two blocks on our own. We will meet later to continue this fun project. She also has a friend in Florida who is making these blocks along with us.

The designs in this book have great texture and color. The blocks are all unique…and they encourage more creativity and uniqueness with your own interpretation of the block.

The block I made today is Boxed Up ,by Angela Yasten. Her fabric color choice included a green word print fabric with two different texture gray fabrics. I had a brown/gray word fabric in my stash, along with two different gray textured fabrics.

I am  still trying to find the right combination of fabric for a block called Birdsong, by Rachel Roxburgh.

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