Saturday Stitching

I would like to start this Saturday by thanking Cindy for once again sending me on a creative adventure!
Cindy sent me a link to Liz Kettle at Textile Evolutions. I loved hearing the artist’s story and listening to her thoughts about creating. I had never heard of stitch meditation…what a cool idea!
Liz states that an artist job is to “make and not judge”.  She also talks about using this stitch meditation to “start the day with art.” What a way to start the day!
Liz sometimes starts with an “ugly” fabric. Yesterday’s Gelli-Art prints have turned into a stitch meditation piece for me.I chose the Purple Mush mistake piece and the Orange Slush clean-up scrap that I had planned on discarding. Then, I just pulled out another fabric piece from my tiny scrap bin. I added one of the muslin pieces that I had stamped many moons ago.
I found this hand-stitching to be quite peaceful and fun.
Thanks for the link, Cindy.

I used the rest of the Purple Mush mistake fabric to make a 5″x 7″ quilted block. This block could become a part of a signature for a fabric just-for-fun journal.

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