Cinco de Mayo

San Antonio is celebrating its Tricentennial  and there are so many activities and events going on.
Today had even more celebrations because of Cinco de Mayo. Plus, one of my friends had a birthday to celebrate today, so we headed downtown for some fun. We have had a gorgeous spring, and the river walk by the King William area is so green and full of birds, ducks, and wildflowers. After eating a delicious meal at  Titos, we walked off the calories on an early evening stroll to the Blue Star area on the river.
We plan to do some more downtown outings before we lose this nice spring weather.

I know you can’t see them, but there is a mama duck being followed by her three ducklings, right under that tree. The ducklings looked so cute.

We saw egrets, ducks, and even herons.
We witnessed two beautiful cardinals in a territorial chase. They kept swooping in and chasing each other.
They did not cooperate in letting me capture them on my phone camera.

Everything was so green and tall, and wildflowers were everywhere.

We have been enjoying some good rain, so the river looked great.

Stop by at Titos if you are ever in the area. Great food and a colorful, friendly atmosphere.

12 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo

  1. I made taco salad for Cinco de Mayo but Titos would have been better. Has it been there forever? I think maybe my Dad and stepmother took us there. Or maybe I just wish!

    1. It has only been around since about 2002-03. I grew up in Southtown. There was and still is the Mirador in that same area. Maybe that’s the one you visited. There are so many good places from which to choose.i love taco salad 😋🌮

      1. I am so missing that part of the country right now and the Tex-Mex food. Mexican food is not the same in the Pacific NW even when authentically prepared. Funny when visiting Mexico I did not like the food as much as I did in Texas, ha!

  2. Oh the weather looks beautiful, I’m happy everything is green for you there! There is something so special about a mother duck with her little ducklings following her. I zoomed in but they eluded me 🐥

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