Spring Action Scissors

This is probably not news to anyone but me, but I just discovered the best scissors ever.
I ordered some Fiskar spring action scissors and so far, I am very happy with the product.

One of the projects I am working on is making fleece lap blankets. These scissors are perfect for cutting through the thickness. I chose the multi-media spring action scissors since my next projects will involve painting fabric, interfacing, and paper. I am going to give the scissors a month or so, and if I still like these, I might order some of the different styles and sizes  of spring action scissors that are available.

13 thoughts on “Spring Action Scissors

  1. I have a pair of these but never use them, maybe I should revisit them as I thought they were a mistake purchase.
    Fleece lap blankets! Oh my goodness years ago we gave like everyone these for Christmas and my husband still has it memorized how to cut the fringe and tie it (I think he is in a support group for spouses asked to help out making too many fringe blankets).

  2. I am going to invest in a pair of these scissors! I’ve made a few fleece blankets and wish I’d had something like this to make cutting easier. I also think I’ll give a pair of these to my mom for Mother’s Day.

  3. My sister has a pair of these and I’ve enjoyed using them, but didn’t “spring” for them, myself! I did get a beautiful pair of Ginghers as a gift. I didn’t think I would love a pair of scissors, but they are glorious. Unfortunately they’re too big (full-sized) to use very often. I only use them for fabric, not batting.

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