My experience with sewing in zippers has been disastrous. I avoid making anything that calls for a zipper.  A few years ago, I was able to sew a zipper into a ballerina tote for my granddaughter. This was only because I had the help of a very patient friend. Last year, my attempt to insert a zipper into a large pillow made it very clear to me that zippers were not needed…ever.
Yesterday, I won the Battle of the Zippers all on my own. This may seem small potatoes to many, but for me, I am finally victorious. Please excuse me if it sounds like I am blowing my own horn. I just can’t believe I did it, and I had no problems.

I am making fun projects for a very dear, and special person. I was looking for retro items to make, for her, and I found tons of ideas on Pinterest. I do know know to whom to give credit, since I saw many of the same pillow, each with no credit given. There were no patterns, so I made my own. This box pillow, is another first for me. I had wanted to make a boxed pillow last year, but thought it would be too difficult.

To start the project, I viewed two very good tutorials on Youtube: Creative Adventures-Box Pillow; and Nicole La Foille at National Sewing Circle . The instructors in each of these videos gave great, easy, instructions. I purchased a foam rectangle, and measured for the fabric, according to the tutorials. I had muslin in my stash, so I made a slip cover for the foam. The outer zippered cover is made from flannel sweatshirt material. I chose this fabric in order to off set  the firmness of the foam. I have sewn with flannel sweatshirt fabric only once, and that was using an actual sweatshirt and pants to make a costume. Cutting and sewing on this fabric was a bit tricky for me, and it shows up in the uneven applique stitching! However, it is just a fun pillow, so I guess it will be okay.


Look at that zipper!
Again, please excuse anything that sounds like boasting on my part.
I am just so excited that I finally was successful sewing in a zipper. I think I will celebrate!

10 thoughts on “Victory!

  1. You should throw yourself a zipper party! 🎉
    Your pillow looks awesome, such clean lines with the box shape and the modern appliqué.
    My sister asked me to re-cover a large rectangular pillow of hers (with a zipper 😮) and I did think I would be up to the challenge…thanks for the video links, now I feel inspired to try.

  2. You can boast! Any successfully sewn in zipper looks like a major accomplishment to me! I have only done two zippers so far in my crafting journey and I hope to go a lot more (I have so many zippered bags patterns I want to made). This post was Zipperlicious 🙂

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