Star Wars

My grandchildren are a main source of inspiration for me. The other day, my grandson said, “Gramma, I love everything you make for me.”
He had me at “Gramma”!

So, of course I was inspired to make him something.
I decided to make his pillowcases for May, based on a conversation I overhead him having with his uncle. It was an exciting discussion between two Star Wars fans.
My son has been a Star Wars fan since he was a toddler himself…wearing Star Wars Underoos. When I first started quilting, I made my son a Darth Vadar quilt. He has it displayed in his home office.

Another celebration day in my classroom was Star Wars Day, May 4th.
I would wear my black Darth Vadar cape, and use a lightsabor for a pointer and talking stick. The kids loved to explain the process they used in solving a math problem, because they got to use the lightsabor.
I also had a t-shirt that read: Metaphors Be With You. I would wear this for teaching writing.
Here are the pillowcases I made for my youngest grandson and my granddaughter:

This is for my grandson’s little pillow.

This is his standard sized pillowcase.

This is my granddaughter’s standard sized pillowcase.

Naturally, all this talk and memories that come with Star Wars will have to be documented in my fabric quilt journal for this week. I thread sketched and painted Yoda. I will finish it later this week.

It has been a fun afternoon, just thinking of all these Star War moments!
I hope you all have enjoyed your afternoon.

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