Block #17~Friday, April 27

Since I don’t think this week will provide anything more inspirational than my granddaughter’s ballet recital, I went ahead and made Block 17 early.
It is entitled, Morganina Ballerina.
I once made my granddaughter a ballet quilt, with the same title.
She loves reading  Anglina Ballerina books by Katherine Holabird.
I loved watching my granddaughter dance and perform at her school’s day time show.
Then, the evening ballet performance was adorable. She was so tired, and yet, she still managed to give 100%. Dance class has given her such stature and grace.
I also loved watching her father, my son, beam with pride as he watched his daughter dance.
It was also enjoyable watching her mother do her Mom Magic as she fed, dressed, fixed a ballerina hair bun, and applied make-up on a six-year-old who does not particularly care for make-up.

Great way to spend a weekend.

Background: 100% cotton linen memo
Technique: Drawing, applique, fabric painting, free motion quilting
Embellishments: Tulle, rhinestones, ribbon flower

Note: This is the first time I tried FMQ swirls before I added the applique.
I was very happy with the top and bottom FMQ. I finally got the right tension for the thread.
Then, I as I cut the hexagon, I accidentally cut part of the backing…. I had to trim, add a new backing, and just outline FMQ.

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