What a Week!

My six-year-old granddaughter had quite a week.
She had three days of rehearsal for a school performance, plus extra ballet practice for a dance program.
Both events were scheduled for this weekend.
During the school performance, she was singing and dancing and rapping, sunglasses and all.
She had a brief moment to rest after school, then we were off to the last rehearsal for the night ballet performance. We fed her in the car on the way from the ballet studio to the high school theater for the performance. She was tired, but laughing, because as she was eating her hamburger in the car, I was trying to feed her French Fries.  I almost stuck them in her nose, with all the traffic bumps.
The performance was beautiful.
I get so emotional when I see children performing, especially my own!
This experience, of course, has to be the entry for this coming week’s journal entry.
I returned home today, and I started on the block.
So far, I have the applique I drew and colored.
I need to add the tutu and some sparkles on a head band.
I don’t know exactly how to do this, so it will be a learning experience.
The pink tights came out too pink. I was planning on using a pink background fabric, but this won’t work because of the color of the tights. I thought the floral might work, but now I think it is too busy.
What color background would you recommend?

This is all I can do today…it has been quite a week-end for me!

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