Yellow Breasted Chat

San Antonio has many beautiful parks that are sanctuary for many species of birds.
One of my Meemaw friends is a Master Naturalist, who is well versed in identifying birds.
We frequently go in search for particular birds that may be in the area during a particular season.
Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy is one of the parks we visit.
The conservancy provides a list of birds that can be found in the park.
One of the birds listed, is a yellow breasted chat. I have never been fortunate to see one in the park, so I decided to paint one on fabric.

I used pastels to paint the bird on a beige, linen memo.
Fabric markers were also used to highlight areas.

After thread sketching the block, I pieced a frame and border.
The block is a 9″ square after adding the pieces.

These blocks that I am making are for practice and trying new things.
I am making a list of areas that show improvement and those requiring more practice.
At the Texas Quilt Museum, I saw a binder that contained blocks made by various quilters.
I am thinking of making my own quilt block binder.


24 thoughts on “Yellow Breasted Chat

  1. Such a precious bird block you made. I hope you get to see one in person at the park soon.
    I am curious to how a quilt binder is made, another cool project idea of yours!
    PS I love you new blog logo photo 😊

    1. Thanks , Abbie. It was a 3” binder and the blocks had a Pelion seen on one side. The holes were punched into the Pellon. I guess since so many people visit the museum and go through these binders, the pellon was ripping. I’m thinking of maybe using a Muslim strip to attach the block. Or maybe I’ll get those plastic sleeves and place the blocks inside.

  2. I love your piece and I have to tell you something San Antonio related: a member in my SAQA art quilter group just returned from the national SAQA conference – TEXtiles (get it?) in San Antonio and she said: “I do not like Texas in general but I went to San Antonio for the first time and that place gives me a new perspective on Texas – it was awesome” πŸ™‚
    Of course I lived in Houston for 9 years and traveled quite a bit around Texas so I know there are many cool places in Texas (but San Antonio was one of our favs)

      1. I have done the button method before and I liked it. Right now, I am not happy with my signatures, so everything is on hold. I got one of my Gelli plates today and I want to start playing around with those. As you can see, I have an attention span problem.:)

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