Spring Studio Storm

After a day of working on the quilt for my grandson, my sewing studio looks like it has been hit by a storm. As I was digging into different bins, looking for scraps, I did not follow my rule of putting things back in their place as I go. Well, I will look at this as a positive thing. It will give me the opportunity to reorganize and weed out what I will not be using.
I added some applique bugs and birds to the sections that have the name already appliqued.

For some reason, this photo shows the denim a bit discolored, and it is not.

Since I am making blocks without really measuring, I am having to adjust the pieces as I go.
I made two side pieces to complete the middle section.
This piece is not attached yet, so the photo looks off.

Left Side

Right Side

These are the first three sections that I pieced today.
The top row of houses and the name strips were done a long time ago.
The houses were all done without a ruler.
This was my first attempt at some type of improv.
At that time, I was also just learning how to applique.
So, the letters are not as nice as I would like them to be.

I completed the applique on this middle section today. The stitches are better on this piece than on the letters.
This quilt is a learning process for me.
It has been fun finding fabric and creating pieces that tell little stories about my grandson.
I know he does not need another quilt…but…I am making one anyway.

8 thoughts on “Spring Studio Storm

  1. You can never have enough quits! Especially cherished ones from Grandma 😊
    I adore the ladybug 🐞
    I think I spend more time cleaning up after storms than organizing but it means I was productive, right?! 🤪

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