I’ve Still Got It!

Today was split into time for exercise, time to shop for sewing notions, and time to work on projects.
While at the store, I saw three children rough housing, yelling, and knocking things down.
A very hassled mother wearily said, “Look at mama. Is mama happy?”
The children responded in chorus with a resounding “No!”…and then kept on causing havoc.
Since I was standing in the midst of this chaos, I mustered up my best “teacher look” and directed it straight to the tumbling threesome of kids who were stomping on each other’s feet.
The kids caught my look and stopped on a dime.
They went and stood behind their mom.
The mom thanked me.
I guess I Still Got It!

I have been working on two projects today.
I am continuing with the design of my grandson’s quilt.
I sketched some new blocks and started pulling fabric.
Tomorrow, I hope to put some of the pieces together and top-stitch the applique on some of the blocks.
Then, I will have a better idea of where to go next with the design.
I know what needs to be added, but I am piecing this in a scrappy, uneven sized blocks. It is sort of like putting a puzzle together.

The other project I am working on is a thread sketch of a Golden Retriever.
This time, I sketched on a 3 layer block. Usually, I thread sketch on the fabric backed with stiff interfacing. Then, I add a layer to quilt the piece after I finish with the thread sketching. I need to thread sketch some grass and flowers, and maybe add a cloud applique. Then, I will use an embroidery hoop to frame the piece.
My older sister and I will be celebrating our youngest sister’s birthday this week-end, and I want to include this as part of her gift.

9 thoughts on “I’ve Still Got It!

  1. Teacher look and teacher voice — like riding a bike! Once you get good at it, you never lose it. 🙂 Funny story.

    Your dog is sweet. Remind me what paints you’re using. I ask because I watched a Dick Blick video today (yes, demo to generate sales) on using Reeves Water Soluble Wax Pastel sets. Like crayons, but if the pigment is damped, it turns into more of a paint. Here is a link.

    1. Thanks for the link. I started out just using Artist Loft water color and pastel sticks, and Reeves Acrylic paints. I am just painting small projects. If I plan to continue with this, I want to order a set of Derwent pastels.

  2. Way to go for using your teacher “magic.” I can’t tell you how many times I could have used support like that. I think it’s so interesting reading about your process of planning your grandson’s quilt. The dog looks so cute!!! Your planned embellishments will add so much character. 🙂

    1. I just added more thread sketching. I will finish it tomorrow. The top blocks of my grandson’s quilt were mostly cut without rulers and I designed as I went along. I am enjoying making this one.

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