Block #15~Friday, April 13

Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with the child’s eye – it is very beautiful.
Kailash Satyarthi

The inspiration for this block came from my youngest grandson. We had a beautiful, spring day together.
The weather was fresh, cool, and bright.
I had planned some very simple activities. I printed different outdoor scavenger hunts and let him choose the one he wanted. The weather was rather brisk, so I also printed some indoor scavenger hunts, just in case. I bought a plastic clipboard that also had storage for pencils and stickers. The hunt was a delightful experience. As we hunted for tree bark, dirt, lady bugs, grass, I got the chance to see nature through the eyes of my grandson. He studied and made observations about everything we saw. We stopped to use his nature adventure tools that I had given him for Christmas. This included a magnifying glass,Β  a tiny scoop shovel and other tools. Looking at tree bark through a magnifying glass is pretty awesome! He gently picked up a ladybug and talked about how we have to take care of nature.

Β He placed a sticker on the checklist.

I had also taken some paint and brushes for a project after our hike. The plan was to paint a branch and make a walking stick. We found a large branch in his front yard. We also found a medium Y-shaped twig that he found interesting. He painted these for his dad, and decided that he wanted them to be displayed in their side garden.

Another simple activity I planned was to make sculptures out of cardboard. I cut a discarded cardboard box into squares and rectangles; and cut slits on the sides.

This simple activity turned into a work of art.

When I tell my grandson that he makes my heart happy, he just beams.
So, the center of the block has a puffy heart.
I added insect and flower buttons to represent the Scavenger Hunt.
The backing is a spring floral.

Happy Heart
Background: Turquoise cotton/linen memo
Technique: Free Motion Quilting, Applique, Embroidery Stitching
Embellishments: Insect and flower buttons

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