New Table or Old Table

The day has been drizzly, so I took this as an opportunity to start rearranging my studio.
My plan is to get another sewing machine in here.
I have converted my computer desk and hutch to accommodate both office and partial sewing.
I now have three of the six hutch shelves cleared for sewing things.
My thread is now enclosed in a three drawer plastic shelf unit that fits nicely in the  hutch.
My cutting table has been cleared of all the extra shelving units I had on the end.
I have a portable table that is holding my small television and some sewing canvas units.
Two storage units holding more sewing notions and things fit under this table.
I am thinking I can use this table for a second sewing machine.
Will this table be suitable to hold a sewing machine?

This is the table in question. It has steel legs and a plastic top. I read the question section where a person had asked if it could be used as a sewing table.
The response given was that it had been used successfully as a wood working table.

I looked at some small sewing tables online, and there was a video demonstration of a sewing table that was made with steel legs and had a melamine top. There was a glass of water placed on the table to show that the table could withstand the movement of the sewing machine. The water was moving, so there is some vibration; but the glass was not moving. I tried the machine on my table, and I got the same results as on the video of the sewing table.
Do all sewing tables have some vibration?
I have my sewing machine on a wooden desk table.
I have never noticed any vibration while sewing on this table.
I can’t decide if a purchase of a table made for sewing is necessary.
I am just thinking out loud.
Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.

12 thoughts on “New Table or Old Table

  1. I am a member of a sewing group and when we have our workshops they are on tables similar to the one pictured. I have found out that the cheaper dept store machines really bounce on the table while the more expensive quality machines don’t. I do not know if it is a mechanical thing of stored energy, or the costlier machines are heavier, having less bounce. My machine will not bounce on the table, but the 50 dollar brother machine bounces so hard that it is annoying at the other end of the table! I hope this helps!

  2. I’ve used folding tables for sewing at workshops and classes. They can have some bounce. Some tables are worse than others, and like the other comment said, some machines are probably worse than others. I wasn’t real sure if you mean you already have a table and wonder if it will work. If you have it already, try it! Use it some, and then decide if you’re happy with it or would rather buy a different one. Good luck!

  3. I use something similar for my computer desk. The “feel” of it bothers me. I am partial to more natural textures. I used this table for cutting and realized when I first started quilting and that was a big mistake — too much give for precise cutting.

  4. I’ve never tried a table like that, but don’t see why it shouldn’t work. I have a desk that I use for my sewing machine and never bounces, it’s quite sturdy.

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