Block # 12 ~Friday, March 23

As mentioned in an earlier post, March 22 would have been my dad’s 98th birthday.
My siblings and I spent time this past Thursday texting funny stories about our childhood and our dad.
My father, Jose Leon Virjan, was known as Pepe.
He would never miss a Wednesday bowling night, and neither would I.
I never really bowled much…I just ate candy and drank sodas…all night long.
There was a heavy price to pay at school the next day.
But that didn’t stop me from going with my dad.
Dad was a very good bowler.
I can still see his graceful and powerful stance as he rolled the ball down the lane.
For this Friday’s journal entry block, I tried to capture the craziness of some of his bowling shirts with the yellow gingham memo.
Soon after my father died, my family chose to celebrate him with a family bowling night.
Having all of his children and their spouses; and his grandchildren there, was a great way to honor my dad.
This block was created to honor my dad; and to capture the memory of our family bowling night.

Block #12~ Friday, March 23

Background: Yellow gingham memo 100% cotton
Technique: Applique, Free Motion
Batting: 100% cotton
Writing: Pepe

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