Finally! It has taken four days to complete four coiled fabric plates.
Wrapping 15 yards of clothesline is tedious and time consuming.
I was wondering if it was worth the effort, since I did not see how fabric coiled plates could be functional. But, I visited a friend who has rattan plate chargers and she says that she loves these fabric coiled plates that I made.
My sister also loves them and would like some made in gray and blue. 

I plan to make a bowl to go with these plates, but it will have to wait.
Another reason it took me so long to make these is that I have been out of the studio a bit more this week. It has been fun enjoying the spring weather, and I had non-sewing business that also took up time.
Today would have been my dad’s 98th birthday.
My siblings and I spent some time today sharing funny stories.

My dad, in one of his many plaid shirts.
This is just one of the shirts I used in making a memory quilt out of all of my dad’s plaid shirts.

My dad never missed Wednesday night bowling. As a child, I would make sure that I went with him. Thursday mornings at school were SO difficult after a late night of running around, and drinking and eating as much sugar as possible.
I have been designing my hexagon block for this week in honor of my dad.
I am also preparing to purge fabric and things in an attempt to update my studio.
This will be a large task, so I am taking it a step at a time.

13 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. Absolutely stunning. I would have one on the coffee table just so I could stare at it. Maybe you could hang them on the wall? Whatever you decide, they need to be seen and admired.

  2. I just love your plates. They will make an amazing addition to your home. Thank you for sharing the small snippet from your family history. I enjoyed learning more about you.. 😊

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