Happy National Quilting Day

To celebrate this day, I pulled out the quilt I started some months ago.
This quilt tells the story of my grandson’s first 5 years.
He proudly tells you that he is 4 1/2 and that he will be 5 soon.
I had put the quilt aside because I needed to think some more on what to do.
This is a design on-the-go type project, so there are issues that come up that wouldn’t necessarily come up with a well-planned quilt.
I showed what I had to my grandson and started sharing some of the stories. He asked me to add dinosaurs and space, so that is what I will work on next.
I also need to zig-zag stitch the appliques I made. This requires more thread.
More fabric is also needed, so I think I will celebrate part of this Quilt Day shopping at a quilt store.
There is a quilt store near one of my Meemaw friend’s house, so I’ll stop there first.
The Meemaws are making and decorating cookies today.
I have been studying the quilt so far.
I might change the top strip. I need to coordinate the fabric that will be used for sashing.
I thought I liked the denim, but now, I am thinking it looks rather drab.
This is why I put it away…I am sort of stuck.
There is one more long strip with his last name that will go under the last last three blocks pictured.
Then, I have about four more blocks to make to place under the last name.

What better way to celebrate National Quilt Day than to be working on a quilt?

12 thoughts on “Happy National Quilting Day

  1. Your quilt is great! And I love the fact that Judah is adding his own ideas! I do like the denim … if you quilt it with a variegated thread or a light thread – it won’t be so “drab”. Plus – it makes the other blocks pop. Happy Quilting πŸ™‚ !

  2. I remember these blocks, it’s nice to see them all together! I really like the orange strip with the denim, it would look nice in between the rows, just a thought. He will love this quilt no matter what, that’s what’s important πŸ’•

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