A Forever Memory

The Spring Break spent with my granddaughter was absolutely fantastic.
We entertained ourselves observing nature and participating in the simple things in life.

The house itself was a big treat.
The San Gabriel House was built in 1908.
We stayed in the Bishop Room, which had a huge four-post bed.
After a long day of non-stop activity, we returned to the comfort of this historic home.
We played a math dice game, drew in our art notebooks, and wrote in journals.
No TV!
When we turned in for the night, we would start telling stories. We would take turns adding detail and suspense to the story-line that my granddaughter would start. The storytelling would go on for some time…until the time I would turn the story over to her and there was no response…she was sleeping.

Each morning, my granddaughter looked forward to the fancy breakfast that was served in a beautiful dining room.

Since she likes to cook, she would try to figure out the ingredients and the recipe for the breakfast that was served.
We walked the historic downtown Georgetown area. One of her favorite places was All Things Kids, where we indulged in homemade bubblegum ice cream.
Her favorite place for lunch was Laurie’s Cafe, a quaint eatery with a touch of home. (Not my home…I never cooked anything as delicious as the items on the menu!) We would order two raspberry muffins to have for our before bedtime snack.

I had ordered the book, Caves and Caverns, by Gail Gibbons, so that my granddaughter could be prepared for our trip to Inner Space Caverns. She read it the night before we went to the caverns.
Our cavern tour was made extra special, because my friend Nancy and her grandson joined us.

We visited the Georgetown Public Library more than once. The library is very welcoming and one of the best I have seen. My granddaughter loved the sculptures that decorated the outside of the library. She would pull out a couple of books to read each time we went.

This Mermaid was my granddaughter’s favorite sculpture.
Chautauqua Park was a great place for the children to run, play Frisbee, and fly kites.
On the last day of our adventure, I had planned a surprise art class for Morgan.
 Paint With Me is an art studio run by Kimberly Keller. I had contacted Kimberly after I read about her online. I told her that my granddaughter loved okapi’s, so she arranged for the theme for that day to be painting okapi’s with florescent paint in black lighting…what fun!
Kimberly is a fantastic teacher who just has “fun” written all over her.

Kimberly had her face painted and encouraged the kids to paint their faces and hands!

As we were packing the car to return home, I asked my granddaughter if she wanted me to take a picture of her in front of the San Gabriel House.
Her response melted my heart:
I don’t need to take a picture. I will remember this place forever.

17 thoughts on “A Forever Memory

  1. You granddaughter is so bright and inquisitive and she has the best Grandma! I have to admit your last paragraph made my eyes teary, so sweet. Im happy you two had such a special and fun vacation ☺️

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