March Madness


March Madness has certainly arrived.
I think I over did it in ordering rope.

These arrived in three different envelopes, at three different times today.
Don’t you just love the colored rope?
I think there is one more delivery due tomorrow.

I think I am going to have to wrap the fabric for my brother’s baskets since the fabric is a bit thicker.
I decided to practice the wrap around technique today.
At first, I really doubted if I was going to like the results.
It was a bit too stringy for me, as I wrapped 50 ft of rope.
I had read two different opinions on wrapping.
Some say to wrap as you go; others suggest wrapping the fabric ahead of time.
Since I am still figuring out how to “throw” the bowl, I thought it would be best to wrap the 50 ft and have it ready. Figuring out how to angle the bowl in order to shape it, plus wrapping, would have been a bit much for me.
I made three different bowls, using up every bit of the 50 ft of rope.

A coiled flower was made to finish off this bowl. I added a button to the center.

The medium-sized bowl had one small loop and a button in the center of a coil.
The small ring dish has a cardinal button attached to the small loop.
I think that the result of wrapping the fabric around the rope gives the basket a more organic warmth and natural look.

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