More Bowls

Yesterday and today was spent visiting local fabric shops.
I have some ideas and designs for a quilt, but I am still just thinking about it.
The fabric I saw was beautiful, but it didn’t seem to gel with my ideas.
So, I will keep looking at fabric and thinking about my next quilt.
In the meantime, I am keeping myself busy making rope bowls and dishes.
I really like making the bowls out of rope and not using fabric.

I had some small amounts of white rope left; so, I made my second ring dish and gave it to my sister.
This time, I tried making handles.

I bought a small amount of purple rope just to practice new shaping techniques.

This purple dish was finished off with a coil on the side.
I embellished it with some buttons.

I have been viewing different tutorials on creating rope products.
I ordered It’s a Wrap by Susan Breier to check out instructions for making baskets, bowls, and purses.
My friend has asked if I would make two small bowls for her granddaughters.
Tomorrow, I plan to cut strips of bright fabric and start on the bowls for these girls.
The bowls I plan to make for my brother are on the back-burner for now.
I had to order more rope in order to practice making the larger bowl that my brother wants.
The rope should be here in a couple of days.

14 thoughts on “More Bowls

  1. They look so creative. I really like the embellishments you add. Back in the day I used to make bowls that didnโ€™t involve sewing and the fabric strips were torn, not cut. I had so much fun making them. Where do you get your rope? ๐Ÿ˜Š

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