Today’s Celebration

I’m getting ready to  meet with my Meemaw friends to celebrate the birthdays of Dr. Seuss and one of my Meemaw friends. I had written a first draft of a poem for my friend; and this morning I went to revise and edit it. I am so glad I did. My science was a bit off when I said it was her 65th revolution around the earth! Here is the final edition.

                              Shout it from the rooftops, the tree Brumbles, and Broars
                              Shout it out loud, ‘til your throats are all soar
                              Say it in email, snapchat, or twitter
                              Spread the word with Rainbows, Boohahs, and Glitter
                              It’s Marti’s 65th revolution around the sun
                             Time for Celebrating
                             Time for Fun
                             Sing! Dance! Fill the world with mirth!
                            Fill up with PIE
                            We’re not watching our girth
                            Happy birthday, dear Meemaw!
                            Happy birthday, sweet friend!
                            We celebrate you from morning ‘til day’s end!


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