Moving Mountains

Every morning, I have been reading from Simple Ways, by Gunilla Norris.
Today’s chapter was about Receiving Our Opportunities: being open; not closing up; not falling into bad habits.
In the Consideration portion of this chapter, the reader is reminded that one cannot move mountains.
Then, the reader is asked if one could be satisfied with just moving, and taking the next step.
As I was mulling these thoughts in my head, I stepped out onto my porch.
It has been dreary, drizzly, and grey, and I just wanted to look at the sky to see if there was any chance for sunshine.
As I stepped out, I saw this little snail…taking the next step…slowly…deliberately.
It was moving mountains at its own pace.
I captured this moment and made a video.
Maybe it will remind us all to just to receive our opportunities and take the next step.

After spending a few minutes just staring at this snail, I went out to run some errands. When I came home, the snail was still on the porch. It was nearer to the edge, so it had made some progress.
I took a picture of it.

Then I went inside to thread sketch it.
I do not know if I will color it or leave it plain.
I am thinking of piecing this into a block to add to a quilt I am making for my grandson.
He loves snails.

So far, my day has been errands and snails.
I am just taking the next step at my own pace…and enjoying it!

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