Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week. 
Joseph Addison

I gave myself a day to relax before I returned to my studio.
It was fun getting back to my sewing machine.
I am still trying to decide what type of quilt I will be making next.
Time was spent designing different quilts and thinking things through.
Nothing really says, “This is it!”.
It is fun designing and planning though.
In the meantime, I have enough to keep me busy.
I painted some more rocks to get ready for Easter.

I also made a couple of baskets. I am trying out new sizes and shapes.

It was also time to make some Easter pillowcases for my grandchildren.
When I returned home, I had a letter from my granddaughter.
It was part of her class assignment.
She had to write to someone who was special.
The letter touched my heart.

The candy was a bit mushed!

She loves rainbows. As part of her Christmas present, I had given her a unicorn tape dispenser that had rainbow tape.
My son told me that she loved the postcard that I had thread sketched for her.

My other son told me that my grandson ran and showed the postcard to his cat and his dog.
I had thread sketched them on the  postcard.

The “rust” from last week’s rainy days is all washed away.
I am ready for Monday.
Hope you are, too!

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